Disable Redirect from User Information Page (userdisp.aspx) to MySite Profile Page (Person.aspx)

If you want to quickly check SharePoint user profile properties, You can get it from user information list or by simply clicking on user name hyperlinks from metadata fields such as: Created by. Usually, user profile page points to:
  • http://sharepointsite.com/_layouts/userdisp.aspx?ID=123
When clicked on user name hyperlink, will get redirected to My Site profile page (E.g. http://mysite/person.aspx?accountname) if the user has a my site profile created.
Disable user Information page (userdisp.aspx) redirect to MySite Profile
If the user has My site profile created, then the UserDisp.aspx page redirects to his/her My site profile page automatically.

Is there any way to get the basic version of userdisp.aspx, instead of redirecting them to the MySite profile of that person when someone clicks on such links? Well, Here is a nifty trick to stop redirecting to user's Mysite profile page and get the simple User Information.
  • Add:Force=True parameter to the above URL. So, it will be:
stop redirecting from User Information Page (userdisp.aspx) to MySite Profile Page (Person.aspx)
What if You want to avoid profile redirect permanently?
Behind the scenes, there is a OOTB user control called "MySiteRedirection.ascx" User control tied to a delegate control "DelctlProfileRedirection" on userdisp.aspx page that does this re-direction. You can either replace this delegate control or you can simply disable the feature: "MySite" To avoid profile redirect.

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