Top 50 Use Cases of SharePoint in the Industry

Most people know Microsoft SharePoint as a File Share, But apart from File Share, there are a number of ways organizations are using SharePoint. Here is the list of top 50 use cases in my experience:

  1. Document Management System
  2. File Shares
  3. Content Management System
  4. Enterprise Search Center (Search site to index and search all sites, including non-SharePoint sites of the company)
  5. Enterprise Social Networking Site – Yammer!
  6. Corporate News Portal-Intranet-Extranet-Internet web Sites
  7. Project Management tool (with or without project server integration)
  8. Team Collaboration work space
  9. Employee Self-Service portal – Employee requests center
  10. Business process Automation/Workflows – BPM E.g. Expense Reimbursement, Travel Request
  11. Event Management – Party!
  12. Knowledge Base – KB sites
  13. Issue/bug Tracker system
  14. Reporting Tool – SSRS!
  15. Task Management
  16. Calendar Sharing – Corporate Calendars with important events and schedules
  17. Help desk management – Ticketing system
  18. Incident/Change Management – as part of process!
  19. Learning / Training Management, Competency management, Training Scheduling and Materials
  20. Innovation Management
  21. Blog Sites – Wiki sites
  22. Community Portal
  23. Electronic Forms to capture and process data – InfoPath!
  24. Performance/Goal tracker tool
  25. Organizational Browser – People directory!
  26. Personal sites- My site!
  27. Business Performance Reporting – MIS
  28. Case Management
  29. Inventory Tracking
  30. Competitive Analysis Site
  31. Discussion Forums
  32. Invoice Management
  33. Request/ Change Management
  34. Employee Activities Site – Associations- E.g. Sports League, Toast Master
  35. Request for Proposal
  36. Process Management, Policies and Procedure Templates
  37. Room and Equipment Reservations
  38. Physical Asset Tracking and Management
  39. Job Requisition and Interview Management
  40. Contacts Management
  41. Leave Request and Vacation Schedules
  42. Records / Document Life cycle management
  43. Business Intelligence Tool
  44. Surveys
  45. Meeting Management
  46. Dashboards & Scorecards Solutions
  47. Visio Process Repository
  48. Digital Assets Management – Image management
  49. Vendor & Customer management
  50. Portfolio management

Salaudeen Rajack

Salaudeen Rajack - Information Technology Expert with Two-decades of hands-on experience, specializing in SharePoint, PowerShell, Microsoft 365, and related products. He has held various positions including SharePoint Architect, Administrator, Developer and consultant, has helped many organizations to implement and optimize SharePoint solutions. Known for his deep technical expertise, He's passionate about sharing the knowledge and insights to help others, through the real-world articles!

2 thoughts on “Top 50 Use Cases of SharePoint in the Industry

  • Some of the Items in the list are good use cases for SharePoint like Document Center, File Share, Enterprise search which are default Outof the Box

    and some of the features like, expense management, room reservation either need a decent supported add-in or need custom development,

    But Overall , it comes with Microsoft Email licenses, so no extra costs and hence there is no harm in using it!

  • Great, wonderful. I’ve been looking for s simple and straightforward list as this one. And then I found you. Thank you for posting. Thank you Bing for letting me here. Tahnk you myseld, for allowinf me to search, be patient, discover, read and understand this wonderful list by a wonderful author. Oh wonderful us people.


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