How to Copy a Site Collection in SharePoint?

Requirement: Clone the Production SharePoint site collection to the Test environment for UAT

Copy a Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell:

While Copy-SPSite cmdlet on SharePoint 2013 or later serves the purpose, It can clone site collection only within the same web application. What if you want to copy a site collection to another web application or another farm in SharePoint? Well, follow these steps to copy site collection to same/another farm.

  1. Create a new Web application
  2. Backup the live site collection
  3. Restore the backup into the target web application

Backup the Source Site Collection:

Backup-SPSite -Identity "" -Path "D:\backup\portal.bak" -Force -NoSiteLock -Confirm:$False 

Restore the backup into Target Site collection:

Restore-SPSite "" -Path "D:\backup\portal.bak" -Force -Confirm:$False  

You can use this method to copy a site collection to another server or another server, or another web application in SharePoint. Remember to do the following:

  • Install & Deploy any Farm level feature to the newly created Web Application from Central Admin.
  • Configure Web App settings, such as: Web Application policy, Outgoing Email settings, etc.

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