Create Lookup Site Column from Subsite using PowerShell

Creating a lookup field as a site column was explained in my other post: Create a Cross-Site Lookup Site Column in SharePoint 2013. Now got a requirement to create a lookup site column from the subsite’s list! Unfortunately, there is no UI to create a site column from subsite list values. Lookup site columns can be created only from the lists of the same site.

PowerShell comes to the rescue! We can create a lookup site column referencing any site of the site collection using PowerShell! Here is the PowerShell script to create a lookup column from the list on another site.

PowerShell to create lookup site column from subsite’s (or different site) list:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue 

#Where the Source List for Lookup Exists

#Where the Lookup Site column Going to get created
$ChildLookupColumnName="Sales Region"
#Get the Parent and Child Webs and List
$ParentWeb = Get-SPWeb $ParentWebURL
$ParentList = $ParentWeb.Lists[$ParentListName]
$ChildWeb = Get-SPWeb $ChildWebURL

#Check if Field exists already
    #Add Lookup Field
    $ChildLookupColumn = $ChildWeb.Fields.AddLookup($ChildLookupColumnName,$,$False)
    $ChildLookupColumn = $ChildWeb.Fields[$ChildLookupColumnName]
    #Setup lookup Field property
    $ChildLookupColumn.LookupWebId = $ParentWeb.ID
    $ChildLookupColumn.LookupField = $ParentList.Fields[$ParentLookupColumnName].InternalName
    write-host "Lookup field added successfully!" -f green
    write-host "Field Exists already!" -f red

This PowerShell script creates a SharePoint lookup column from the list on another site! By the way, Site columns must be created on the Root web to be consumed by any subsite underneath.

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