How to Create a Cross-Site Lookup Site Column in SharePoint 2013?

Lookup columns are used to get its value from a field in an another list in SharePoint sites. Lookup fields also provides a relationship between lists/libraries. Is it possible to create a lookup column from list on another site? sure, use site columns, so that you can utilize SharePoint 2013 lookup column from an different site!

Site columns are available to its subsites, So create it in the Root site!

SharePoint Site column Hierarchy:
Create Cross-Site Lookup Site Column in SharePoint

Create Cross-Site Lookup Site Column in SharePoint:
Why to create Lookup as Site column? Because, If its created as a site column, it can be used at any subsite under the site collection while the lookup source list is at the parent site (or root site)! In short, create your lookup site column at parent site, so that it can be used on any underlying subsites of the site collection!

Assuming, you have an existing list with all available lookup values in a "Single Line of Text" column, Here is how to create a cross site lookup site column in SharePoint 2013:
  1. Go to the root level site of your SharePoint site collection. Navigate to Settings >> Click on "Site Columns" link
    sharepoint cross site lookup column
  2. In Site columns page, Click on "Create" link
    sharepoint create lookup site column
  3. Provide Name, Column type, Group, Source List, Source Column values. Click on "OK" button once done.
    sharepoint lookup column from another site
  4. Navigate to your sub-site list >> Click on List settings >> Click on "Add from existing site columns" link
    cross site column lookup sharepoint 2013
  5. Choose the site column group in which you placed your site column, Select and Add the column, Click on "OK" button once done.
    sharepoint 2013 lookup column different site
  6. Now, In your sub-site list, You have the site column ready!
    sharepoint lookup column from list on another site


  1. Do you know if this works if the list with the column you want to reference is not at the root of the SharePoint site but in an other sub-site?

    1. Only if the Site that has the column is a parent of the Site you want to use the Site Column in.

  2. Just a note that this solution works in SharePoint, but the lookup column does not show us in PowerApps.

  3. This column current site, to another site is not see...


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