Change Column Width in SharePoint List View

Requirement: Adjust column width in SharePoint list view

sharepoint online view column width

Say, you want to change column width of “Project Description” column.

How to Adjust Column Width in SharePoint?

To change column width in a SharePoint list, do the following:

  • Navigate to the Site >> Click on Site Settings gear >> Edit Page
  • Add Web Part >> Insert “Script Editor” Web Part
  • Edit Snippet and Insert the below Style in it.
.ms-vh-div[DisplayName='Project Description']
    width : 700px !important;

And the result:
adjust column width sharepoint list view
This increases column width in listview!

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3 thoughts on “Change Column Width in SharePoint List View

  • Thank you. Simple and worked like a charm.

  • Not working for me, I am using Sharpoint 2013.


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