SharePoint Online: How to Import Term Set from CSV File?

Requirement: Import term set in SharePoint Online

How to Import a Term Set from CSV file in SharePoint Online?
Here is how to import term sets from a CSV file.
  • Open SharePoint Online Admin center as Tenant administrator or SharePoint online Admin.  (E.g.
  • Click on the "Term Store" link on the left navigation menu. 
  • On the Term store Management page, under General tab, click on "View a Sample Import File" link in "Sample Import" section.
    sharepoint online import termset terms from CSV
  • This gets you a sample CSV file. Open it in Excel, Populate the file as per your requirement. 
    sharepoint online term store import from csv
  • Once done, Import the CSV by clicking "Import Term Set" from any of the Term Set Group.
    import term set sharepoint online
    Browse and locate the updated CSV file and click "OK" to start importing term set.
  • That's all. Now your term store data should be updated from the CSV file.
    sharepoint online term set import

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