InfoPath Form: Show Thank You Page on Submit

To deliver a better user experience, I wanted to show a neatly designed thank you page on submitting a customized SharePoint list form in InfoPath. Although we can customize the standard popup message shown on successful submissions through “Submit Options” under the Data tab, we wanted to customize the entire look and feel.


The idea is: Create a new view for Thank you page and then change the view after submitting data. Here is how to implement a “Thank You” page for InfoPath forms.

  • Open your form template in InfoPath Form Designer
  • Click on “Page Design” tab and create new view.
  • Give a name to your view (say: ThankYou), and place image/text appropriately. Here is mine:
    infopath form thank you page
  • Create a button for “Submit”. From the ribbon select “Manage Rules”. In the “submit” button’s Rules, Add >> and then Action.
    • Submit using Data connections
    • Switch to view: ThankYou
infopath thank you page

That’s all! Now we let the end-user know the form was submitted successfully.

Salaudeen Rajack

Salaudeen Rajack - SharePoint Expert with Two decades of SharePoint Experience. Love to Share my knowledge and experience with the SharePoint community, through real-time articles!

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