How to Reload SharePoint Page Every 60 Seconds Automatically with JavaScript?

Requirement: For a monitoring dashboard, got a requirement to reload Intranet SharePoint site’s home page for every five Minutes.


Use this JavaScript placed in a Script editor or content editor web part to refresh a SharePoint page every 60 seconds. Here is how to refresh the current page in SharePoint step by step:

  • Navigate to the target page you want to reload. Click on the Settings gear and then click on “Edit Page”.
  • Under Insert Tab of the Ribbon, click on “Web Part” and insert “Script Editor” web part from the “Media and Content” group.
    sharepoint web part reload page
  • Edit the script editor web part >> Edit snippet and place the below code in it
<script type="text/javascript">

function refreshPage(){
setTimeout(refreshPage, 60000);
  • Save and close the page.

This refreshes a SharePoint page for every 60 seconds (or whatever you specify).

Salaudeen Rajack

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