Fast Site Creation in SharePoint 2016

Fast Site Creation is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2016. As the name suggests, Fast site Creation helps to speed up the site collection creation process. Internally, site collections are copied at at SQL Server content database level, instead of calling traditional object model calls. Typically, this helps any large organization or multi-tenant environments to create site collections faster by mitigating feature activation overhead. Here are the steps for SharePoint 2016 fast site collection creation.

Step 1: Enable Fast site creation for SharePoint Site Template
As a first step, we've to enable Fast site creation on a SharePoint site template. Lets enable for team site template.
Enable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template "STS#0" -CompatibilityLevel 15

To get all site templates with fast site creation enabled, use the cmdlet:
sharepoint 2016 fast site collection creation

To Disable fast site creation for a site template, use the cmdlet: Disable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster. E.g.
Disable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster -Template STS#0
But you'll have to remove the site master created for the template first!

Step 2: Create new Site master
Once SharePoint Fast Site Creation is enabled on the template, a new Site Master should be created. Create Site Master in Content Database with New-SPSiteMaster
New-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase "SP16_Intranet_Content01" -Template "STS#0" 
This creates a master copy of site collection. Site Master acts as the master copy for the site collection based on the template you choose, with all features, template settings,etc preserved.
sharepoint 2016 fast site creation

Step 3: Create new site collection using the Site Master
Create new Site collection with -CreateFromSiteMaster switch in the New-SPSite cmdlet.
New-SPSite -ContentDatabase "SP16_Intranet_Content" -CompatibilityLevel 15 -CreateFromSiteMaster -OwnerAlias "Crescent\Salaudeen" -Template "STS#0" 
With fast site creation, site Collections are created by copying at Content Database level, So the usual feature Activation cycle doesn't happen! Fast site creation took 5 seconds instead of 40 seconds to create a site collection!

Remove Site Master
If you no longer use Remove-SPSiteMaster cmdlet to remove the Site Master from SharePoint  Content database.  
Remove-SPSiteMaster -ContentDatabase "Content-database-name" -SiteId "GUID-Of-The-Site-Master"
sharepoint fast site creation

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