Open this link on a Phone – QR Code Feature in SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 introduces a new feature to open links on your phone or tablet using QR codes. Here is how this feature works:

  1. Go to any of your SharePoint 2016 library, such as the document library. From the document’s context menu, click on the tiny phone icon.
    QR Code Open this link on a phone Feature in SharePoint 2016
  2. This takes you to a page with a QR code generated for the document URL. By default, every document is assigned with a unique QR code.Open documents with QR code in sharepoint 2016
  3. From your phone, use the QR reader app to read the QR code and navigate to the document URL. This makes it easier to share documents on the library to mobile devices.

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One thought on “Open this link on a Phone – QR Code Feature in SharePoint 2016

  • Is there a way to disable this feature ?


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