SharePoint Online: How to Add Term Store Administrator

Problem:  SharePoint Online Term Store is read-Only to everyone including SharePoint Online Administrators!

Solution: Add Term Store Administrator! Even if you are a global administrator or SharePoint Online administrator, you will not get access to term store automatically! To work with Term store management tool in SharePoint Online, you must have one of these roles: Term Store Administrator, Group Manager, or Contributor.

SharePoint Online Add Term Store Administrator
Here is how to add term store administrator in SharePoint Online:
  • Login to your SharePoint Online Admin center (E.g. 
  • Click on "Term Store" link in the left navigation to open the Term Store Management Tool.
  • In Term store management page, Select the taxonomy in the tree view. Now, from the General tab, Enter the people names in "Term Store Administrators" box. You can also use Browse button to find and add users. Once done, click Save button to commit your changes.
sharepoint online add term store administrator
Now the term store administrator can create new term set groups and assign users to the Group Manager or Term Store Manager roles.

Group Manager vs Contributor Permission in Term Store:
You can also use Group Manager and Contributor groups to grant permissions at Term group level. They both can create or change a term set in the specified term group and in addition, Group Managers can add Contributors to that term group. Term store permissions are hierarchical and applied at term set group level. It is not possible to assign these permissions at the term set or individual term level.

To add users to Group Manager or Contributor roles in SharePoint Online,
  • From the term store, Pick the term set group to which you want to assign permissions.
  • On the General Tab, you can add Group Managers and Contributors in the designated text boxes.
sharepoint online term store permissions
We also have "Owners" at term set level to track Stakeholders for that term set. However, This doesn't give any permission to the term set, but only used to relate the contact information for that term set.
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