How to Create Alert on List View in SharePoint?

Requirement: Create an Alert on SharePoint List View.

How to Set Alert on Specific View in SharePoint?
Alerts in SharePoint are used to trigger an Email or SMS when anything changes in list or libraries.  There are business scenarios where user wants to create an alert on a list view where items are filtered by a specific conditions. However, the option to create alert for specific view is not available for all list views!

If you have a custom view with a filter applied based on a custom column (Not on Out of the box columns such as "Approval Status") of type: Single line of Text, Multiple lines of Text or Choice field - You'll get this option "Someone changes an item that appears in the following view" in new alert page! Any view with filters on System Generated and Calculated columns will not appear on Alert me page.

So, to create alert on views, simply use "Alert me" button in the ribbon on any list or library, On the New Alert page, Pick the view from the drop-down as shown under "Someone changes an item that appears in the following view" with a drop down of all your supported views. Also, If your view doesn't return any items - You won't get the view in New alert page!
sharepoint create alert on view

Same thing applies to SharePoint Online also to create alert on view.

What if you don't have a filter based on the columns discussed above? Well, here are some workarounds to set alert on view:
  • You can create a simple workflow that sends an email alert with IF condition when the criteria is met within the views.
  • You can Create Alert using PowerShell and specify "Filter" for the alert. E.g. Content Type $Alert.Filter = "<Query><Eq><FieldRef Name='ContentTypeId'/><Value type='Text'>0x0120728167cd9c94899925ba69c4af6743e01</Value></Eq></Query>"

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