How to Use Choice Field in Lookup Columns in SharePoint?

Problem: Could not create lookup columns on the Choice field in SharePoint list!


Not all column types are supported in the lookup column. Supported column types are:

  • Single line of text, 
  • Number,
  • Date and Time, 
  • Calculated (Single Line of text), 
  • External Data

Using choice fields as the data source for lookup columns in SharePoint is also possible! So, what’s the trick? Well, in the parent lookup list, create a new calculated column from the choice field in the list, and you can use that choice field in the lookup fields on any other list!

sharepoint lookup on choice field

Now, you’ll be able to create a lookup on the choice field!

sharepoint online lookup on choice field

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One thought on “How to Use Choice Field in Lookup Columns in SharePoint?

  • Hello, I tried to implement this solution however i’m getting a Syntax error. Assuming this is due to the column being a choice item


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