How to Set Secondary Admin for All OneDrive for Business Sites?

When a user creates SharePoint My Site or OneDrive for Business site collection, SharePoint assigns primary site collection administrator rights to the user. You may sometimes have to gain Admin access in situations such as a User leaving the organization, troubleshooting, etc.

In SharePoint on-premises environments, we have the “User Policy” option for web applications that provides Admin rights to the whole web application. In SharePoint Online, we don’t have user policies. Still, fortunately, we have the option to set secondary admin for all My sites to avoid adding them to every single site collection.

Set My Site Secondary Admin

While adding additional site collection administrators to SharePoint Online My Sites is possible, Here is how you can specify the default secondary site owner for all OneDrive for Business sites in SharePoint Online.

  1. Login to your SharePoint Online Admin Center at
  2. Click on User Profiles from the left navigation.
  3. Click on My Site Settings >> Setup My Sites >> Under “My Site Secondary Admin” section, Check the “Enable My Site Secondary admin” tick box and set My Site Secondary Admin as below:
    How to Set Secondary Admin for All OneDrive for Business Sites

On the same page, you also have the option to delegate access to a specific user if  “Manager” is missing for any user profile.

Please note, the My Site Secondary Admin setting is applicable only for new My Sites. For existing My Sites, You need to update them manually or use PowerShell. To add additional site collection administrators on all existing My Sites, refer: How to Grant Site Collection Admin/Owner Permissions to OneDrive for Business Sites in Office 365?

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