Backup SharePoint Site Collection using Central Admin

Requirement: Backup a SharePoint Site Collection using Central Administration

Backup Site Collection in SharePoint 2016 Central Admin

Site collections can be backed up using SharePoint 2016 Central Administration. To backup a  site collection using Central Administration, follow these steps:

  • Login to SharePoint Central Administration Site >> Click on the “Backup and Restore” link in the left navigation. Under Granular Backup, Click on “Perform a Site Collection backup”
    Backup Site Collections from SharePoint Central Administration
  • On the Site Collection Backup page, select the target site collection to backup. You can switch between web applications and select any site collection in the farm. Set the UNC path to the backup file location. You can also specify any location server location such as “D:\Backup\Sales.bak”
    backup a site collection in sharepoint 2013
  • Click on “Start Backup” to begin the backup procedure. You’ll get backup job status page.
    backup site collection sharepoint 2016 central admin
  • Based on the size of your site collection, backup may take time. Wait for the backup to be completed.

How to restore a site collection backup? Well, there is no way to restore a site collection from Central Administration! You have to use PowerShell: How to Backup-Restore a Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell?

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