How to Set Multiple Choices as Default Value in SharePoint List?

Requirement: Set more than one choice as default value in a SharePoint list!

How to Set Multiple Choices as the Default Value in SharePoint List?

The Choice field in SharePoint allows one single value to be set as the default value. What if you want to set multiple values as default values? In my case, I wanted multiple checkboxes to be enabled by default when a user creates a new item. Here is how you can set multiple checkboxes ticked:

  1. When creating the field (or edit the existing field), In Field settings, set the “Default value” to “” option
  2. Now, Enter the formula in this format: =”;#Choice1;#Choice2;#Choice3;#Choice4;#” , In my case, I wanted to set “Growth Capital” and “Private Investment” choices ticked by default. So my formula was: =”;#Growth Capital;#Private Investment;#”
    sharepoint choice field multiple default value

This sets the given check boxes (choices) enabled in New item creation (NewForm.aspx)

sharepoint online choice field multiple  default values

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