How to Get SharePoint Farm Account?

SharePoint Farm Account manages the farm services. It runs SharePoint timer service, Used in application pool identity for Central Administration site and in database access. Typically configured at the time you run PSconfig wizard.

How to Get SharePoint Farm Account?
To identify SharePoint Farm account,  follow these steps:
  • Go to your SharePoint Central Administration site >> Click on Security >> Configure Service Accounts
  • In the First Dropdown, Select "Farm Account"
  • You'll find your SharePoint Farm Account listed automatically in the second dropdown. In my case, it is "Crescent\SPAdmin"
how to check sharepoint farm account
This gets farm account in SharePoint.

Get Farm Account Through Services Console:
As SharePoint Farm account runs SharePoint Timer Service, You can Go to:
  • Run >> Services.msc
  • Pick "SharePoint Timer Services" >> You'll find the Farm account under "Log on as" column.

Get Farm account in SharePoint using PowerShell 
Run this PowerShell script to  get farm account.

You can also retrieve SharePoint Farm account from Central Administration's App Pool credentials. Here is my another article: How to get SharePoint Farm account credentials?

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