Content Editor, Script Editor Web Part Missing in SharePoint Online?

Problem: The content Editor Web Part in SharePoint Online is missing!

sharepoint online content editor web part not available

Fix SharePoint Online Content Editor web part missing Issue:

In Modern SharePoint Online sites (E.g., Group sites, Communication Sites), Self-serviced sites, and Root sites, custom scripting is disabled by default! So, how to get a content editor web part in SharePoint Online? To enable the content editor web part and other web parts, you should enable custom scripting in SharePoint Online.

How to Enable Custom Scripting in SharePoint Online?

To enable custom scripting at the SharePoint Online Admin Center, follow these steps: How to Enable Custom Script in SharePoint Online?

This makes the content Editor web part available! Not just content editor, but also: Script Editor Web Part, Business data web part, search web part, etc.

content editor webpart in sharepoint online missing

Custom Script is already enabled, But still not getting Content Editor web part and Other Web Parts?

Well, if the custom script setting is already enabled in SharePoint Online Admin Center, try rerunning this cmdlet to enforce Custom Script settings through PowerShell! Because at the time of the site’s creation, you may have had the custom script option disabled in SharePoint Online Admin Center!

Set-SPOSite $SiteURL -DenyAddAndCustomizePages $False 

This PowerShell enables the content editor web part in SharePoint Online! Please note that these web parts can be added only to classic web part pages and not to modern site pages.

How to Enable Script Editor web part for Modern Sites?

On modern SharePoint Online Sites (and pages), You need to deploy a custom SPFx solution to get the script editor web part. Here is how: How to Add Custom CSS or JavaScript to SharePoint Online Modern Page?

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5 thoughts on “Content Editor, Script Editor Web Part Missing in SharePoint Online?

  • Thank you so much! This article was immensely helpful and my problem was solved within a few hours of changing the setting in the Admin Center.

  • I have added CEWP in classic SharePoint online site. I am able to view it when browsing from laptop/pc. But it is not visible when browsing from mobile(mobile view/Desktop view). What could be the reason?

  • I cannot get this working for a modern “Team” or “Communication” site. Do you have a suggestion as to how I can get a “Content Editor” web part working in a modern Team or communication site?

    • I second this. Was anyone able to resolve this?


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