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5 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: Find All External Users using PowerShell

  • Hello Salaudeen, thank you so much for your dedicated continual shares.

    I have been trying to retrieve “Find All Guest Users whose Access is going to Expire in SPO site” via powershell. How can I do that? Since microsoft has left no way for the admin to set expiration links less than 30 days, monitoring and deleting access seems to be the only way. With 100’s of shared files, monitoring one by one is time conaumimg and tedious, is there a way we can retrieve a d list via powershell and set a command to delete access for users if expiry is X days?

  • These do not show emails have have been sent a link. I shared a document with an external email via the Share Link option, and none of these scripts returned the email in their results

  • Great scripts! What about MS Teams private channel SPO sites? Do the external users there get captured?

    • User objects are scoped at the site collection level (In other words, when you add a new user, SharePoint creates an entry in “User Information list” of the site collection).


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