SharePoint Online: How to Hide Default Themes?

Themes are quick ways to add branding to SharePoint Online sites. However, we wanted to restrict site owners from changing the themes for a uniform look and feel overall sites. Fortunately, SharePoint Online provides a cmdlet to hide default themes and enforce governance.

PowerShell to Hide Default Themes in SharePoint Online:

Open SharePoint Online Management Shell, and run this PowerShell script to hide default themes in SharePoint Online.

#SharePoint Online Admin Center URL
$AdminURL = ""

#Get Credentials to connect
$Cred = Get-Credential

#Connect to SharePoint Online
Connect-SPOService -url $AdminURL -credential $Cred

#Check If Default Themes are hidden already
    Write-Host -f Yellow "Default themes are already hidden!"
    Set-SPOHideDefaultThemes $True
    Write-Host -f Yellow "Default themes are now hidden!"

Now, this is what you get when you click on “Change the Look” from Site Settings menu in modern SharePoint Online sites:

To reverse (Enable all default themes), simply call the “Set-SPOHideDefaultThemes” cmdlet with “$False” parameter.

Set-SPOHideDefaultThemes $False

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