How to Create a Site Collection in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Create a new site collection in SharePoint Online

How to Create a Site Collection in SharePoint Online?

Are you looking to create a central repository for all your team’s collaboration needs? Do you want to set up a team site or communication site for your team to use? If so, you’ll need to create a site collection in SharePoint Online. This blog post covers the different steps involved in creating a site collection in SharePoint Online.

Site collection in SharePoint is a logical group site with a common top-level site and zero or more subsites organized as a hierarchy. Every site collection shares a common top site, navigation, security, content types, etc. Site collections are an easy way to organize and manage your SharePoint content, and they’re a great way to share documents with team members.

Create a Site in SharePoint Online as an End-User

To create a SharePoint Online Site collection as an end-user, follow these steps:

  1. Open in the web browser, log in with your username and password.
  2. Click on the App launcher icon (9 little dots waffle) in the top-left corner and click on “SharePoint” from the applications list. This takes you to the SharePoint start page ( create site in sharepoint online
  3. Click on the “Create site” button in the toolbar to start creating a new site collection.create a new site collection in sharepoint online
  4. The New Site Collection page appears. Select the site Template for your site collection, typically “Team Site” will do.
  5. Set properties according to your requirement to create a site collection, such as: 
    • Title and description for your new site
    • Validate the Site Address (URL path) and Group Emails for the site it assigns by default.
    • Set the language, Privacy settings and click on the “Next” button. Add any additional members to the site.
    • Click on the Finish button to complete creating the site collection. how to create a new site collection in sharepoint online

Wait for a moment and your site collection should appear in the site collections list. You can also create a site collection using the Sharepoint Online Admin center.

Create Modern Site Collection in SharePoint Online:

To create a modern team site collection in SharePoint Online, use “SharePoint admin center” at https://<YourDomain> (SharePoint server On-Premises Central Administration equivalent!).

Create a new site collection as SharePoint Administrator

As a SharePoint Administrator or Global Administrator, To create a team site or communication site, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Microsoft SharePoint Admin Center at as a Tenant or SharePoint Online administrator >> Click on “Create” from the “Sites >> Active Sites” in the left navigation.
  2. On the template selection, pick either the “Team Site” or “communication site” option to create a modern site collection with Office 365 group or the “Other Options” to create a modern team site without Office 365 group. create modern site collection in sharepoint online
  3. Pick the Team site template and provide the name and primary site collection Administrator options. There are no secondary site collection administrator options available in SharePoint Online, but you can add additional site collection admins to the site once the site is created. On the “Advanced settings,” you’ll get a description and time zone. Click on “Finish” to create a modern site collection in SharePoint Online.
    sharepoint online create modern team site collection
  4. If you pick the “Team site”, It creates a group-connected modern SharePoint site. You’ll be asked to provide the Group owner for your new site collection and choose whether it should be public or to create a site collection in sharepoint online

The new site collection will be created immediately, and you can begin adding content to it. Make sure you set up necessary permissions for everyone who needs access to the site. By default, new site collections are private and not open to all users, but you can choose to grant access to your site collection to specific groups of users.

To bulk create site collections in SharePoint Online, use: How to Create Multiple Sites in SharePoint Online using PowerShell?

How do I create a SharePoint Online site using PowerShell?

To create a new site in SharePoint Online, use: New-SPOSite cmdlet in SharePoint Online Management Shell or New-PnPTenantSite cmdlet of PnP PowerShell. You can also use the CSOM PowerShell script to add a new site.
More info: Create a SharePoint Online site collection using PowerShell

How do I list all SharePoint Online sites in PowerShell?

To get a list of sites, you can go to the SharePoint admin center ( >> Expand “Sites” >> Active Sites. You can also use PowerShell cmdlets Get-SPOSite or Get-PnPTenantSite to get all sites in SharePoint Online.
More info: Get a List of Site Collections in SharePoint Online

How do I get a site collection administrator in PowerShell?

To get all site collection administrators, You can use one of SharePoint Admin Center, the Site Collection Administrators page of the site settings, or PowerShell methods.
More info: Get a SharePoint Site collection administrator in PowerShell

Is there a limit to the number of SharePoint Online sites?

Yes. 2 Million sites per tenant and 2000 subsites per site collection!
More info: SharePoint Limits

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