How to Add Document Template to Content Type in SharePoint?

Requirement:  Add document template to a content type in SharePoint.

How to Associate a Document template with content type?

Content type with document template helps to enforce consistency and save time on SharePoint document management. With document templates, users who create new documents based on a content type can have a pre-populated starting point (instead of a blank document). So, the idea is to create a template with the desired format, bind it with a content type, and then use it wherever required. For example, invoices prepared by various departments of the organization can be standardized by creating an “Invoice” content type and adding an Invoice document template with it. To add document template to content type, follow these steps:

Upload Document Template to Content Type

  • Prepare and save a document (E.g. Microsoft Word document) locally with your desired formatting for new documents based on this template
  • Go to your SharePoint site and click on the Settings gear icon.
  • Click “Site settings” >> Click on “Site content types” link
  • Create a new content type and add required metadata columns to it or Click the name of the content type you created previously where you will associate a document template.
  • From the Site Content Types page, click Advanced Settings.
  • Select the “Upload a new document template:” option, click Browse, find and upload the document template you prepared.
    add document template to content type sharepoint
  • Click OK to save your changes. Now, we have the content type with a reusable collection of metadata and template. We should see the new content type in the library. Optionally, we can change new button order and default content type.

So, instead of creating a document in the client application and uploading it to the SharePoint Online document library, we can create a new document directly from the document library based on the defined template. You can use this content type with a document template in any document library. Here is how:

  • Go to your SharePoint document library.
  • Click on “Library Settings” >> Enable content types by setting “Allow management of Content Types” from Advanced Settings, if not enabled already.
  • In library settings, under “Content types” Click “Add from existing site content types”
  • Choose content type you created with document template and then click on “Add >> Click “OK” to apply the changes.
    associate document template with content type
  • Now, Go to your document library, Click on  “Files” >> Click “New Document”
  • Select the new document type, E.g. “Invoice Template”. The document is now opened and contains the content from the template you used. Site columns added automatically through the content type appear just below the ribbon. Fill in the fields, change document content, and click the “Save” icon.
    sharepoint online content type document template

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2 thoughts on “How to Add Document Template to Content Type in SharePoint?

  • You have to change the default experience for the document library advance setting locate “Opening Documents in the Browser” and set the option to “Open in the client application”

  • This did not work for me. I geta message that the document you are trying to open is a template. Would you like open the document as a standard template? — Thoughts? Thx


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