How to Display Charts in SharePoint using Excel Web Access Web Part?

Requirement: Display Excel Chart in SharePoint Online

How to Show Excel Charts & Graphs in SharePoint Online using Excel Web Access Web Part? 
Excel Web Access web part in SharePoint Online can be used to display charts. To display the Excel sheet with charts in SharePoint: Create an Excel sheet with Chart data, Select the chart and data area in your spreadsheet, give it a name. E.g. "ChartData"
Excel named label

Upload the spreadsheet to any document library in your SharePoint site. Now, add a web part page to display the Excel sheet. Here is how:
  • Go to your SharePoint Online Site in browser >> Site Contents >> Pages Library
  • Create new Web Part Page and insert a web part
  • Under "Business Data" category,  Select "Excel Web Access" web part and Click on "Add"add excel chart to sharepoint online
  • Now, Edit web part properties of the Excel web access >> Browse and select the spreadsheet from your document library. Enter the "Named Item" you created in the spreadsheet. You can adjust the height and width of the web part according to your requirement.Excel Web Access Webpart In SharePoint
  • Finally, the spreadsheet with charts will be displayed on your SharePoint page.
You should see the chart from the Excel workbook!

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