How to Configure Audit Log to Capture All Deletes in SharePoint?

Requirement:  Track all delete operations in SharePoint

How to Configure Audit Settings to Track Deletes in SharePoint Online?
We can Track All Deletes in a SharePoint site collection using Audit Log Feature in three steps:

Step 1: Make sure Reporting Feature is activated:
  • Go to "Site Settings" >> Click on "Site collection features" under "Site Collection Administration"
  • Find "Reporting" Feature and Click on "Activate".

Step 2: Configure Audit Log Settings to Track Delete
  • Go to "Site Settings" >> Click on "Site collection audit settings" under "Site Collection Administration"
  • Enable "Deleting or restoring items" Checkbox and Click on "OK"

    sharepoint audit delete entries

Step 3: View all Delete Events
Once the auditing feature is configured to capture deletes, you can view list of delete events captured from:
  • Go to "Site Settings" >> Click on "Audit log reports" under "Site Collection Administration"
  • Select "Deletions" Report.
This Opens the report in Microsoft Excel with all delete events occurred in the site collection (after the audit log configured to capture deletes!)

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