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Salaudeen Rajack - Information Technology Expert with Two-decades of hands-on experience, specializing in SharePoint, PowerShell, Microsoft 365, and related products. He has held various positions including SharePoint Architect, Administrator, Developer and consultant, has helped many organizations to implement and optimize SharePoint solutions. Known for his deep technical expertise, He's passionate about sharing the knowledge and insights to help others, through the real-world articles!

5 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: Delete User Profile using PowerShell

  • I have an issue where a user has been rehired and all onedrive requests from another user are going to his old sharepoint account, is there anyway to fix this?

  • Hi, I have a tenant setup to not allow users to “Create Personal Site,” as its owners don’t want users to use OneDrive/SharePoint. I believe this setting only applies to new users, though.
    Will doing this, deleting an active user’s profile, then not allow them to save to their personal OneDrive?

  • Does the user get synced back in if they are still an active user? We have a scenario that the account was created once, deleted, and recreated and now the account in SharePoint is storing the wrong email. Can I remove and that user will be synced back in with their new account?

  • Is there a recycle bin for deleted users. So i can see who’s been removed?

    • No! Not something I’m aware of in SharePoint. But users deleted from AD can be recovered from Active Directory recycle bin.


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