SharePoint Online: How to Enable Enterprise Keywords?

Requirement: Add Enterprise Keywords in SharePoint Online

What are Enterprise Keywords in SharePoint Online?
Enterprise keyword columns helps to tag an Item in lists and libraries to make searching and finding them easier. Keywords that are entered in lists and libraries are centrally stored and synchronized in the Term store automatically. So when a keyword is added to any of the Enterprise Keywords column , It can be reused in all other lists and libraries in the tenant. It will be auto suggested when a user starts typing a similar word in any list or library.

How to enable enterprise keywords in SharePoint Online?
To add an enterprise keywords field to a list or library, do the following:
  1. Navigate to the list or library where you want to enable Enterprise keywords column.
  2. Go to List or Library Settings >> Click on "Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings" link from the settings page under "Permissions and Management" section.
  3. In the Enterprise Keywords section on the Enterprise Metadata and Keywords Settings page, Tick the check box next to the "Add an Enterprise Keywords Column to This List and Enable Keyword  Synchronization", and then click the OK button to apply changes. sharepoint online enable enterprise keywords
Now the "Enterprise Keywords" column has been added to the library!

Tag Documents with Keywords:
Once the enterprise keywords settings is enabled, the next step is to start tagging documents and items. You can tag documents as you edit any other metadata properties by going to "Details" pane and edit "Properties". You can also use Quick Edit view to add enterprise keyword to a document.
sharepoint online enterprise metadata and keywords settings

Manage Enterprise Keywords:
SharePoint collects the enterprise keywords to a special,  non-hierarchical term set called "Keywords" under the Term Store Management Tool.  If you need to edit the keywords, Make sure you have Term Store Administrator permissions,
  • Login to SharePoint Online Admin Center >> Click on the "term store" link in the left navigation.
  • Expand "System" >> "Keywords" node and you can edit any Enterprise keyword.  
    sharepoint online add enterprise keywords

To disable Enterprise Keywords column in a list or library, You got to remove the column from list! Navigate to List Settings >> Click on the Enterprise Keywords column >> Hit Delete Button. This removes Enterprise column and all its data from the list.

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