SharePoint Online: How to Remove the Feedback Button?

Requirement: Disable feedback button in SharePoint Online!

The feedback button in the bottom right of SharePoint Online gets your feedback comments to Microsoft User voice directly. In my case, End users thought their comments were going to the IT team of the organization, and we wanted to hide the feedback button in SharePoint Online to avoid confusion.

sharepoint online disable feedback button

How to Disable Feedback Button in SharePoint Online?

To remove the feedback button in SharePoint Online, Open SharePoint Online Management Shell and run this PowerShell script. You’ll be prompted for credentials. 

#Set parameter values

#Connect to SharePoint Online Admin Site
Connect-SPOService -Url $AdminSiteURL -Credential (Get-Credential)

# Disable Feedback button
Set-SPOTenant -UserVoiceForFeedbackEnabled $False

This PowerShell script turns off feedback for SharePoint Online at the tenant level. We used CSS to hide the feedback button in the past. But this is the perfect way to remove the feedback button from the entire tenant.

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