SharePoint Online: How to Apply Column Formatting?

Column Formatting in SharePoint Online
Column formatting in SharePoint Online modern lists and libraries customizes the field’s appearance based on its value. In the past, We used SharePoint Designer and jQuery-CSS methods to format columns. But now in SharePoint Online, we can apply formatting to columns with JSON.

How to Apply Column Formatting in SharePoint Online List?

Column formatting in SharePoint Online Choice, Yes/No, Date columns can be applied with a few clicks without even JSON knowledge. Here is how we can use column formatting in the SharePoint Online list:

  1. To apply conditional formatting to a column in the SharePoint Online list or library, click on a column header, select Column settings from the menu, and then click Format this column
    column formatting sharepoint online list
  2. The Format column panel will open. Click on the “Edit Template” link.
    sharepoint online column formatting
  3. Since this is a choice column, SharePoint displays a list of all choices with a little color palette icon. Select colors for different choice values and click on apply. column formatting in sharepoint online
  4. SharePoint Online automatically generates the JSON template to your list column and applies it. The Advanced mode link in the wizard lets you update the JSON directly. Here is the result:
    sharepoint online list column formatting

To set column format using PowerShell, refer: How to Set Column Format in SharePoint Online using PowerShell?

SharePoint Online Column Formatting Examples
You can use these custom column formatting examples using JSON to apply formatting to any column in the SharePoint Online list or library.

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