Co-Authoring Documents in Microsoft Teams

Co-Authoring is available in Microsoft Teams on documents stored, to enable multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. Documents stored in your teams are accessible to every member of the Team. Team members can collaboratively co-author documents.

How to Co-Author a Document in Microsoft Teams?

To Co-Author a document, you can open it and click on the Edit button and then choose any of these three options: Edit in Teams, Open in Desktop App, or Open in Browser.

co-authoring in Microsoft teams

No need to check files out or worry about if one of your colleagues has the document open. Just open the file you need to edit and if other Team members are editing it too your changes will be seamlessly merged as you work. Microsoft Teams gives indication if any other user opened the document and making changes.

Co-authoring documents in Microsoft Teams

Invite Users to Co-Author
To share a document with additional users, you’ll have to open the file in Office Web Apps or in Office desktop client. The Teams editor doesn’t have that feature yet. Click the arrow next to the Edit button and choose either “Open in Desktop App” or “Open in Browser”.  The edit button with the choices expanded and an arrow pointing at the drop-down button.

invite users to co-authoring

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