How to Create Calendar Overlay in SharePoint Online?

What is Calendar Overlay in SharePoint Online?

Calendar overlay is a cool feature in SharePoint that lets you layer the contents of multiple calendars into a single easy-to-read, color-coded calendar view. Use it when you are managing more than one calendar in your SharePoint environment but want to create a consolidated view of all events across these calendars. For example, you may have a calendar for your Team and a calendar for your organization. You can combine them and view all events from both calendars (technically up to 10 calendars) in a single view.

In Short: Calendar overlay feature in SharePoint Online aggregates events from multiple Calendars in a single View!

How to Add Calendar Overlay in SharePoint Online?

To configure a calendar overlay, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the calendar list on the top of which you want to overlay other calendar events.
  2. On the calendar view page, click on the Calendar ribbon tab >> Click on the “Calendars Overlay” button.
    calendar overlay in sharepoint online
  3. This opens the Calendar Overlay Settings Page. Click the “New Calendar” link to add a calendar to the list of additional calendars.
  4. Enter the Name for the calendar and select the type of calendar as SharePoint.
  5. Set the color to be used for items from the selected calendar.
  6. In the URL field, By default, your current Web URL will appear, click the Resolve button to populate the List drop-down with available Calendars from this site and select the desired calendar. Specify whether the overlay is always to be included on the calendar. If it’s not selected, users viewing the list can remove the overlay. 
    sharepoint online calendar overlay
  7. Once all information is entered, click the OK button. You will now see your calendar listed under Additional Calendars, Click OK.

Now you’ll see all the data from both calendars in a single calendar view. Based on your calendar overlay additions and visibility settings,

add calendar overlay sharepoint online

SharePoint Online: Calendar Overlay limit
Please note, the calendar overlay feature in SharePoint Online doesn’t support different site collections!

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