How to Remove the Top Banner from SharePoint Online Modern Pages?

Requirement: Remove banner from SharePoint Online Modern page.

How to Remove Banner in SharePoint Online Modern Page?

By default, creating a new modern page in SharePoint Online creates a page with a large header on the top of the page. Hiding the top banner from SharePoint Online pages is no longer a difficult task! Just follow these steps:

  • Click on the Settings gear and choose “Edit Page” to open the page in Edit Mode
    sharepoint online modern page remove banner
  • Click on “Edit” pencil icon in the “Title Area”. Set the “Layout” to “Plain”, save and close the page.

That’s all! Please note, the Plain layout is a recent update in SharePoint Online. Previously, I had to open the page in SharePoint designer and replace the line:

<mso:PageLayoutType msdt:dt="string">Article</mso:PageLayoutType>


<mso:PageLayoutType msdt:dt="string">Home</mso:PageLayoutType>

Hide Banner in SharePoint Online Page using PnP PowerShell: 

Another way to remove the banner from SharePoint Online Modern pages.

Step 1: Connect to SharePoint Online

#Connect to SharePoint Online site
$SiteURL = ""
Connect-PnPOnline $SiteURL -Credential (Get-Credential)

Step 2: Get the ID of the SharePoint Online Page

#Get the ID of the Page
Get-PnPListItem -List SitePages

Step 3: Change Page Layout

#Change Page layout from "Article" to "Home"
Set-PnPListItem -List SitePages -Identity "2" -Values @{"PageLayoutType"="Home"}

The above PowerShell script takes ID as the parameter. So, follow these steps to the “ID” column to the “Site Pages” library.

  • Navigate to the SharePoint Online site >> Click on Settings Gear >> Choose “Site Contents”
  • Open the “Site Pages” Library
  • Click on the settings gear again and choose “Library Settings”
  • Click on the default view to modify it
  • Select the ID column and Click on “OK” to add ID to the default view

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