How to Show Search Refiners Count in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Show refiners count in SharePoint Online Search

SharePoint Online: Search Refiners Count

By default, SharePoint Online search refiners don’t show results count. To enable refiners count you need to manually modify the display template file used by the search refiner web part. It’s quite easy,  we just need to change a flag under the display template. Here is how:

  • Open your SharePoint Online site in SharePoint Designer (or Map the “Display Templates” Folder as a network drive).
  • Navigate to the Path: Templates/Filters/
  • Create a backup copy of the “Filter_Default.html” display template and edit the “Filter_Default.html” in Advanced Mode. You can also create a copy and rename the display template and then apply the template to the search refiner web part.
  • Search for: ShowCounts: false, and replace the flag with ShowCounts: true
    sharepoint online search refiners count
  • Save your changes.

If you are using multiple refiner values, repeat above steps for the HTML file “Filter_MultiValue.html” as well.

Go to your SharePoint Online site, verify refiner counts by entering a query in your search center.

sharepoint online search refiners show count

Here is my another post on customizing refinement panel columns in SharePoint Online: SharePoint Online: How to Add a Custom Refiner to Refinement Panel in Search Results?

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