SharePoint Online: Remove a Custom Theme using PowerShell

Requirement: Remove a custom theme in SharePoint Online.

If you’ve ever customized your SharePoint Online site by adding a custom theme, you may have later decided that you don’t like the look and feel of the theme. Or maybe someone else in your organization has created a custom theme you want to avoid using. When you create a custom theme in SharePoint Online, it’s easy to add to your site. But what if you wish to remove it? By using PowerShell, it is possible to easily delete a custom theme and clean up your tenant. This guide will show you how to remove a custom theme from your SharePoint Online tenant. Let’s get started!

Open the Site Settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen and selecting Site Settings: then, under Look and Feel, click Themes. You’ll see a list of custom themes currently installed on your site.

sharepoint online remove custom theme powershell

Remove a Theme in SharePoint Online Using PowerShell:

We can remove a custom theme from the SharePoint Online tenant using the Remove-SPOTheme cmdlet. Keep in mind that once you remove a custom theme, it cannot be restored, so be sure that this is what you want to do before proceeding.

Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell -DisableNameChecking

$TenantAdminURL = ""
$ThemeName = "Corporate Theme"

#Connect-SPOService -Url $TenantAdminURL -Credential (Get-Credential)

#Get the custom theme to delete
$CustomTheme = Get-SPOTheme | Where {$_.Name -eq $ThemeName }
If($CustomTheme -ne $null)
    #Delete theme
    Remove-SPOTheme -Identity $ThemeName 
    Write-Host "Theme '$ThemeName' Removed Successfully!" -f Green
    Write-Host "Theme '$ThemeName' doesn't exist!" -f Yellow

SharePoint Online: PowerShell to Delete a Theme

We can also use PnP PowerShell to remove a theme in SharePoint Online:

#Config Variables
$AdminSiteURL = ""
$ThemeName = "Corporate Theme"

#Connect to PnP Online
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $AdminSiteURL -Interactive

#Get the Custom Theme
$Theme = Get-PnPTenantTheme | Where {$_.Name -eq $ThemeName}

If ($Theme.Count -eq 0) 
    Write-host "The specified Theme '$themeName' doesn't exist!" -ForegroundColor Yellow

#Remove the Theme
Remove-PnPTenantTheme -name $Theme.Name
Write-host "Custom Theme '$ThemeName' Removed Successfully!" -ForegroundColor Green

If you remove a custom theme, any site that uses the particular theme will not have any effect! They continue to use the colors of the deleted theme until you change it to a new theme.


In Summary, deleting a custom theme in SharePoint Online using PowerShell is a relatively simple process that requires a few basic commands. It allows for cleaning up your SharePoint environment and removing unnecessary themes from the themes list. To delete a custom theme, you will need to connect to your SharePoint Online tenant using PowerShell, then you will need to use the Remove-SPOTheme or Remove-PnPTheme cmdlets to delete the theme. By following these steps, you should be able to successfully delete a custom theme using PowerShell. It’s important to note that before you delete any theme, make sure you have confirmed that it’s no longer needed or in use by any site.

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