Set Footer in SharePoint Online Communication Site using PowerShell

Requirement: Set Footer in SharePoint Online Communication Site using PnP PowerShell

How to Provision Footer links in SharePoint Online using PnP Provisioning Template?
Go to PnP Provisioning Schema repository in GitHub and build your provisioning template., Here is mine:

Provisioning Template XML for Footer Links:
<?xml version ="1.0"?>
<pnp:Provisioning xmlns:pnp="">
 <pnp:Templates ID="CONTAINER-TEMPLATE-c49f81cd-19d0-458d-a99d-1a616c252add">
  <pnp:ProvisioningTemplate ID="TEMPLATE-c49f81cd-19d0-458d-a99d-1a616c252add" Version ="1">
  <pnp:Footer Enabled="true" Name="" Logo="SiteAssets/logo.png" RemoveExistingNodes="true">
      <pnp:FooterLink DisplayName="Contact Us" Url="" />
      <pnp:FooterLink DisplayName="Site Map" Url="" />
      <pnp:FooterLink DisplayName="Privacy Policy" Url="" />
Make necessary changes and save this as a XML file. E.g. PnpFooter.xml

PowerShell to Apply Provisioning Template
Once the template is ready, apply the template to the site using below PnP PowerShell script.
#Config Variables
$SiteURL = ""
$TemplateXML  ="C:\Users\salaudeen\Desktop\PnpFooter.xml"
#Connect to PnP Online
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -UseWebLogin

#Apply provisioning Template
Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate -path $TemplateXML

Here is the Script in action
provision footer in sharepoint online communication site using powershell

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