How to Delegate Access to My Site Cleanup in OneDrive for Business?

Requirement: Set access delegation for OneDrive for Business sites.

How to Delegate Access in OneDrive for Business My Site Cleanup?

What happens when a user account is deleted in Active Directory? Well, the deletion gets synchronized to the Azure AD environment in Microsoft 365, The OneDrive cleanup job runs, and the OneDrive site is marked for deletion. Then, the site’s ownership is transferred to the user’s manager. What if the Manager Property is missing in the deleted user’s profile? Here is where the “Secondary Owner” comes to the picture.

Suppose the manager field value is missing in the user profile property of the user being deleted. In that case, the delegated secondary owner will get access and receive an email notification about the OneDrive site. My site secondary admin also gets the same if that value is populated! More here: How to Set Secondary Admin for All OneDrive for Business Sites?

To configure the secondary owner delegation for all OneDrive for Business sites, do the following:

  1. Login to SharePoint Online Admin Center >> Click on “More Features” and then Click on “Open” button under User Profiles.
  2. Under My Site Settings, select Setup My Sites.
  3. Scroll down to My Site Cleanup, make sure “Enable access delegation is selected” and enter the value for Secondary owner.
    onedrive for business delegate access
  4. Select OK

This account will be the appointed owner of the OneDrive if the user’s manager isn’t set in Azure AD. Email notifications will also be sent to the secondary owner account when the value is populated.

If you want to transfer ownership or add an administrator to a OneDrive for Business site, use: How to Gain Owner Access to OneDrive for Business Sites in Office 365?

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