Office 365: How to Customize the Login Page Branding?

Requirement: Customize the login page branding in Office 365.

How to Brand Office 365 Login Page?
A custom Office 365 login page gives your users a more consistent and familiar experience. We can replace the Microsoft logo, background, and add a support footnote to the Office 365 login page to reflect our organization branding. Branding your Microsoft 365 login page is quite simple.
  • Login to Office 365 as a global administrator at
  • From the Apps Launcher click on "Admin" app tile >> Click on the Azure Active Directory link under "Admin centers"
  • Open Azure Active Directory module >> Click on the "Company Branding" link and then "Configure" button. Azure Active Directory is the underlying mechanism for Office 365 organizations that store Office 365 users and configurations.
    change sharepoint online login page branding
  • The configure company branding page gives you a few options to customize your Office 365 login experience. You can set a background image, logo, Username placeholder text, etc. Fill it according to your customization. Image dimensions are provided in the page, E.g. The background image must have an image size of 1920x1080px and be less than 300KB large. You may need to re-size your images. Once done, click on ""Save" button at the top.
    Office 365 login page background image, logo
Now, if you try to log in,  you'll be presented with a customized login page with the background image, logo, and the customized Sign-In page text you've selected. You can test the changes by opening the browser in Private mode (or incognito in Google Chrome)

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