SharePoint Online: How to Add New User Profile Property?

Requirement: Create user profile property in SharePoint Online.

How to add new user profile property in SharePoint Online?
A SharePoint user profile is the collection of user properties that describes a single user. By default, SharePoint Online comes with a rich set of user profile properties and some among them are linked with the attributes of Azure AD. You can manage SharePoint Online user profiles properties from the SharePoint Online admin center. Here is how to create new user profile property in SharePoint Online.
  1. Login to SharePoint admin center as SharePoint Online Administrator at https://<tenant> (Replace the "<Tenant>" with the name of your SharePoint online tenant!)
  2. Click on "More features" from the left navigation.
  3. Click on the "Open" button under the "User profiles" section.
  4. In the manage profile page, Click on "Manage User Properties" link.
  5. Click on "New Property" that takes you to another page where you can add your custom user profile property. create user profile property sharepoint online
  6. Specify the settings for your user profile property, such as Name, Display Name, User Description.sharepoint online add new user profile property
  7. Under the Policy Settings section, set if the field is required/optional, specify the privacy settings if this property value should be visible to everyone or only to the user. E.g. To be able to search, You should make the property available to "Everyone". Set whether you want to allow the users to override these settings.
  8. In Edit Settings section, you can select the option "Allow users to edit values for this property" if you want to allow users to edit this property.
  9. Specify other settings like display Settings, Search, etc. as per your requirements. In Search Settings make sure you select "Indexed" option if you want this property to appear in search results.
  10. The Property Mapping for Synchronization is disabled! So we can't set any mapping here (Sadly!).
  11. Once you are done with the above, Click on OK to create user profile property.
Once its created, you can go back to "Manage user profile property" page to edit or delete the user profile property you added.

Please note, although you can create a custom user profile property in SharePoint Online, You can not map it through user profile service application page, as you do in SharePoint On-premises! Custom properties from Active Directory or Azure AD are not synchronized with SharePoint Online. If you need to sync a user profile property from Azure AD to SharePoint Online, Your only option is scheduled PowerShell script How to Sync a User Profile Property from Azure AD to SharePoint Online?

Create user profile property in SharePoint online using PowerShell? Well, as of today, there are no way to add new user profile property with PowerShell in SharePoint Online!

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