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6 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: Bulk Update User Profiles using PowerShell

  • Is it possible to get profiles Directory Extensions synced to SharePoint using this same method? For example, I’m trying to sync the IP Phone and Notes attributes in AD (ipPhone and info) to custom SharePoint user properties. It looks like all directory extensions are bundled within the ExtensionProperty attribute in Azure AD, and when I try to extract that AD user property it messes up the JSON since there are multiple entries within that attribute. Any ideas would be welcome. Perhaps something with Get-AzureADUserExtension?

  • I am updating About Me of user profile using this script. If About Me contains & it is updating as \u0026 in the json file. About Me on Delve is not showing the entire content. It is trimming the content after &. If I go to backend user profile, edit profile and update, it shows the complete About Me text.

    Ex: He is an expert in SharePoint & Powershell. This gets update in json as “He is an expert in SharePoint \u0026 Powershell.”

    on Delve it shows He is an expert in SharePoint

    How can we resolve this?

  • I’m seeing the following error message: “New-PnPUPABulkImportJob : Folder /User Profile Import does not exist.” Is the path correct?

    • Create a new document library “User Profile Import” in your root site, so that the log files gets saved there.

  • How are you able to get the automation working? Using the ClientId and ClientSecret returns an Access denied error with New-PnPUPBulkImportJob.

    • You got to grant access to your Client ID on the tenant, If you are using ClientId and ClientSecret method!


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