SharePoint Online: Change Header Layout, Site Logo, Background using PowerShell

Requirement: Change Header layout, Site Logo, and Background settings in SharePoint Online.

How to Set Header layout, Site Logo, and Background in SharePoint Online?

Are you looking to change up the look of your SharePoint Online site? Here’s how to change the header layout, site logo, and background.

To change the header settings in SharePoint Online, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Settings” gear icon >> Click on “Change the look” from the site settings menu. sharepoint online header logo
  • Click on “Header” sharepoint online compact header layout
  • Set the header layout, site logo, and header background.
    header background color
  • Click on “Save” to commit your changes.

PowerShell to Set Header layout, Site Logo, and Background:

Let’s change the SharePoint Online header layout, header background color, and header logo using PowerShell.

#Set Variables
$SiteURL = ""
$LogoURL= ""
#Connect to PnP Online
Connect-PnPOnline -Url $SiteURL -Interactive
#Get the Web
$Web = Get-PnPWeb

#Set Header Options
$Web.HeaderLayout = "Standard"   # Standard, Compact
$Web.HeaderEmphasis = "None"  # None, Neutral, Soft, Strong
$Web.SiteLogoUrl = $LogoURL

Please note, on group connected modern sites, changing the logo is bit different. Refer How to Change Site Logo in SharePoint Online?

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