How to Add a Custom Tile to App Launcher in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Add a custom Tile to the SharePoint Online app launcher.

The app launcher, also known as the waffle in Office 365, is a grid icon in the top, right corner of the screen that lets you quickly access programs or sites. As an administrator, you may want to add links to custom apps or external websites to the app launcher for easy access by your users. This guide will explain how to add a link to the Office 365 app launcher for your organization’s users.

Here is how you can add other applications or sites to the Office 365 App tiles:

  1. Login to the Office 365 admin center as a “Global Administrator”.
  2. Click on Settings in the left navigation >> Org Settings >> Click on “Organization profile” tab.customizing the sharepoint online app launcher
  3. Click on “Custom app launcher tiles” and then click on the “Add a custom tile” link in the custom app launcher tiles pane.
  4. Enter a Name, URL, Description, and Image URL. The image must be 50×50 pixels and must be uploaded to locations such as SharePoint Online library and shared with everyone. In my case, I’ve uploaded an Icon to the “Site Assets” library of the intranet portal.sharepoint online customize app launcher
  5. Click Submit.

This takes some time to reflect. For me, it took 30 minutes. You’ll get a notification once it’s updated. Also, this feature needs an Exchange Online mailbox assigned to you, and you’ve logged in to your mailbox at least once.

The custom tile appears under the app launcher’s All apps. We’ve lost the ability to pin custom tiles to the app launcher, unfortunately!

add custom tile to sharepoint online app launcher.png

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