SharePoint Online: How to Add Icons (Emoji) to Navigation Menu?

Do you know you can insert Emoji icons to SharePoint Online? Well, Yes! Here is how to insert emoji symbols to SharePoint Online Menu.

You can insert emoji icons to anywhere in SharePoint like in top navigation or in quick launch menu items. E.g. To add an icon to quick launch menu items,
  • Click on the "Edit" link as you do usually to edit any link in the left navigation. and then click on "Edit" menu item from the context menu.
  • When the "Edit" window is open, press "Windows" and ";" keys (Windows key and semicolon). This opens the Emoji icon popup from where you can insert any available icon as per your requirements!
Here is my left navigation menu with symbols added in it:

 Here is my another top navigation mega menu with Icons :
Similarly, you can add these emoji icons or symbols to anywhere in the site such as, site or list names, site content, etc.


  1. Hi pretty awesome. But this feature does not work. Windows and . keys do nothing.

  2. For me it works using Windows key and ;

  3. Awesome, I wanted to explain in the navigation menu that clicking will open a new window, and I could do with a simple arrow. Thanks!

  4. I am new to sharepoint. once added can the icon colors be changed. for example Red Yellow Green? is it easy to do or would the user have to be a sharepoint expert.


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