SharePoint Online: Configure App Store Settings

Requirement: Configure App Store Settings in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online App Store Configuration

The SharePoint App store is a cloud service where you can obtain free and paid apps for SharePoint and Office. You can configure whether users can directly get apps from the App store, or whether each app should go through the admin approval life cycle.

Prerequisites: You need to have an App Catalog site created to configure this settings! Here is how to create App Catalog in SharePoint Online?

By default, SharePoint is configured to allow users to get apps from the SharePoint Store. To configure the store settings in SharePoint Online, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint Online Admin Center with your SharePoint Online admin account (
  2. Click on “More Features” in the left navigation >> Click on the “Open” button under Apps
  3. On the Apps page, click on the “Configure Store Settings” link configure app store settings
  4. Now, select whether users should be able to obtain apps directly for SharePoint and Office 365. If you want to avoid giving users the ability to add apps by themselves, select “No” under “App Purchases – should end-users be able to get apps from the marketplace”. Similarly, you can set the option for apps for Office. allow end users to add apps from marketplace

If you turned-OFF App Purchases, users will get the “REQUEST IT” button next to the app, instead of “ADD IT” when they try to add apps from the SharePoint App Store.

add app to sharepoint online from market place

Once end-users request apps, it triggers an E-mail to administrators, and Admins can either approve or decline the request. Please note, just approving the app request will not add and deploy the app to the site. Still, the administrators should add the app to the site manually if they decide to proceed with the app request.

We can’t disable or remove access to the SharePoint App Store for end-users in the organization. Even if the app purchase option is disabled, users can still browse for and request apps.

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