How to Change Personal View to Public in SharePoint Online?

Requirement:Change personal view to public in SharePoint Online

How to Make a Personal View to Public in SharePoint? 

We can not change a personal view to public in SharePoint neither through web UI nor with programmatic approaches (C#, PowerShell, etc). This is because, When a view is created, The SPView.PersonalView property is set to either True of False to define whether its a personal view or a public view and this property stays read-only. However, we can create a new Public view from an existing private using below trick:

  • Navigate to your SharePoint list >> Select your private view from views drop-down.
  • From the Views drop-down, select "Save View as"
  • Now, hit F12 button in your keyboard to fire Developer Tools. (Works in Firefox/Chrome/IE)
  • Locate the Input control for the checkbox "Make this a public view"
  • In the code, Remove the "Disabled" attribute and hit enter.
  • Now, you can set the "Make this a public view" checkbox and hit save button to create a public view from private view.
    sharepoint create public view from personal view

SharePoint: How to Make a Personal View Public in Classic Experience?

In Classic experience, you can make a personal view to public as

  • Create a new view >> Select your existing private view that you want to make public
  • You'll see the "Create a Public View" option will be grayed out. Hit F12 key to trigger developer tools.
  • Select the "Create a Public View" radio button input control and remove the "Disabled" attribute from it. This enables that option in browser.
    sharepoint how to make a personal view public

  • Now, you can select the public view option in the browser and create a public view from private view.

You can use this trick to change personal view to public both in SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online.

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