How to Copy Files from OneDrive to SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint Online

How to Copy Files from OneDrive for Business Site to SharePoint Online?

To copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint Online, do the following:

  • Navigate to the OneDrive for Business site >> Select the files and folders to copy and click on the “Copy to” button in the toolbar.
    copy files from onedrive to sharepoint online
  • This opens a panel to select a destination site. You’ll get a list of your frequent sites you have access to. Pick the destination site from the list. You can click on the “Browse sites” and “Show more” buttons to load more sites.
    onedrive to sharepoint online
  • When the site is selected, the next page in the wizard gives you the ability to pick the library and folder. Once you select the document library or folder, click on the “Copy here” button to start copying from OneDrive to the selected SharePoint Online site.
    copy files folders from onedrive for business to sharepoint online document library

Once the copy operation is completed, you’ll see a message saying copied items. Similarly, you can move data from OneDrive to SharePoint Online by clicking on the “Move to” button in the ribbon and then by following the rest of the above steps.

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