SharePoint Online: How to Enable User Profile Picture Change?

Requirement: Enable user profile picture change in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Online: How to Enable User Profile Picture Change?
To change the user profile properties, we usually head on to:
  • SharePoint Online Admin Center >> Click on "More features" >> Open User profiles
  • In User profiles page, Click on "Manage User Profiles" link >> Search and get the required user.

change user profile picture in sharepoint online

However, there is no option to change other user's profile picture (unless you are editing your own profile!), even when you logged in as a SharePoint Administrator! The picture field just displays ""Only <user> can change this photo" message and you can't change the picture for other users. This is because, User profile pictures are synched from Active directory (or Azure AD) to SharePoint Online and SharePoint Online user profiles page doesn't give an option to change the user picture.

Enable User Profile Picture Change in SharePoint Online:
To enable user profile picture change, scroll down and locate the field "Picture Exchange Sync State" and set the value from "1" to "0" and then hit "Save and close" button.

enable user profile picture change in sharepoint online

This enables "Upload picture" button for the "Picture" column. Open the user profile again to upload profile picture.
sharepoint online change user profile picture

BTW,  End-users can change their own profile picture from "Delve" by login to any SharePoint site, Click on the "Welcome Menu" on the top right corner, choose "My Office Profile". This takes them to their Delve site, where they change change the profile picture.

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