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2 thoughts on “SharePoint Online: How to Enable User Profile Picture Change?

  • A little over a year ago, my company had us lock down the user from changing their own photo. This was because some individual did stupid things like upload a favorite team logo for their profile picture or a picture of their truck or pet. It appears that since this change, no users are getting updated in SharePoint even though they are getting updated in M365, Teams, Outlook & Delve. I didn’t notice this until I created a web page in SharePoint and added the Organizational chart web part to it. Roughly 1/5 of our users are missing a picture in the org chart. The only way I can get a picture in the Org chart is to go the the SharePoint User profile page for an individual and set the Picture Exchange Sync state to blank or 0 and save that then go back into the user profile and upload a picture. I’ve tried setting this value to 0,1,or blank and uploading the picture on the Account in M365 and it doesn’t appear to sync. I may need to give more time though.

    Do you have any suggestions for how to fix this besides manually updating each user in SharePoint User Profile? That is over 100 users and it means we have to update the photo in multiple places any time it changes or for new hires.

  • Hi,
    what about picture synchronization, when mailboxes are hosted on-prem and photos neeeds to be uploaded to
    Https:// Photos/Profile Pictures/ folder? You cant even edit profile in Delve portal ..
    Its tricky af ..
    All i need to work correctly is when i upload the photo, it will show under link .. and not some anonymous picture .. when i add &force=1 to the link, the picture will show.. so there is some nasty synchronization delay provided by afdcache.ashx


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