SharePoint Online: Hide "Content Type" Field from List Forms

Requirement: Remove Content Type Field from SharePoint Online List Forms

How to Hide "Content Type" field from SharePoint Online List Forms:
When you enable content types for a SharePoint Online list, you'll see "Content Type" as a field in SharePoint list forms such as New and Edit. This could be annoying sometimes and you may want to remove content type field from edit form .
sharepoint online how to remove content type field from edit form

Tried setting the "ContentType" field property to hidden, tried turning off the "ShowInNewForm" and "ShowInEditForm" flags to "FALSE" as per my another script , but none of them helped.


Option 1: Customize the List Form with PowerApps

Just edit the New or Edit forms in PowerApps and publish! This will remove the "Content Type" field from the forms.!

Option 2: Disable Content Types in List
The simplest solution to hide the "content type" field is switch off the management of content types once you are done with your content type customization. Here is how you can hide "Content Type" field from New form or Edit form by turning off the management of content types:

  • Navigate to the specific list >> Click on "Settings" >> List Setting >> Advanced Setting
  • Choose "Allow Management of content Type to "No"
    disable content type in sharepoint online list

However, This will remove any additional content types you added to the list! (but preserves all customization you have made by turning ON content types. E.g. If you have set a field to "Hidden" in the default content type, that won't be lost!).

In classic list forms, we are not facing this issue (you can use jQuery/PowerShell methods to hide any field on new form or edit form in SharePoint Online). To hide a content type from "New" drop-down in SharePoint lists, use: How to Hide a Content Type from New Button Drop-down in SharePoint?

To remove a specific content type from SharePoint Online list, use: SharePoint Online: Remove Content Type from List

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