How to Add Twitter Feed in SharePoint Online?

Requirement: Add the Twitter feed to SharePoint Online pages.

How to Add Twitter Feed to SharePoint Online?

You may want to add Twitter feeds relevant to your audience on your SharePoint Online site. We used Script Editor Web Part to embed Twitter code into SharePoint in the past. Well, not anymore in Modern SharePoint Online sites! To add a Twitter feed to a SharePoint Online page, we need to use the Twitter web part.

  • Edit the page where you want to add a Twitter web part and click on the plus button to add the web part. Search and select the “Twitter” web part.
    Add twitter feed to SharePoint Online
  • Edit the Twitter web part and set the Twitter handle for the web part. You can also set a specific Twitter status. E.g.
    sharepoint online add twitter feed
  • You can also set other optional properties such as Show Twitter header, turn off dividers, change the theme color, etc. 
  • Republish the page once done.

Here is another post on adding Twitter feeds to classic SharePoint sites using script editor web part: How to Integrate Twitter Feeds with SharePoint?

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