Fix "There was an error while attempting to get the themes" Error in SharePoint Online

Problem: When trying to change site theme in SharePoint Online through "Settings >> Change the Look >> Theme" got an error message "There was an error while attempting to get the themes".
There was an error while attempting to get the themes

When you do multiple changes to the site's look and feel like changing header, icons, and themes in one stretch, you may encounter this issue. Solution is, reset to the default site theme and then change it. Here is how:
  • Click on Site Settings >> Site Information >> View all Site Settings
  • Click on "Change the look" link under "Look and Feel" group. This brings you the Classic change the look options.
  • Pick the default "Office" theme >> Click on "Try it out" and then click on "Yes, keep it" to apply the theme.
  • Now, navigate back to the home page again >> Click on Site Settings gear >> from the site settings menu, choose "Change the look" >> Theme.


  1. what to do if its a default theme applied from a site design? How to update multiple site collections?


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