SharePoint Online: Change Site from Private to Public

Requirement: Change a private site to public in SharePoint Online.

Switch between Private and Public Sites in SharePoint Online

In SharePoint Online, modern team sites are created with an Office 365 Group associated by default. You can set the site privacy to public or private while creating sites from the admin center.

  • In “Private” SharePoint sites, The Owners of the Office 365 group gets added as “Site Collection Administrators” and the members of the Office 365 Group gets added to the default Members group of the SharePoint site – anyone else can’t access the SharePoint site.
  • In “Public” sites, the Owners of the Office 365 group gets under “Site Collection Administrators” and Members of the Office 365 group gets added to the default members group of the site (Similar to “Private”). In addition, the “Everyone except external users” group is added under the members group of the site.
    sharepoint online change site from public to private

SharePoint Online: How to Change a Site from Private to Public?

To change an Office 365 group enabled site from private to public (or to change a Public SharePoint Online site to private), follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your SharePoint Online site >> Click on Settings gear >> Click on the “Site Information” link.
  • On the Site Information page, under “Privacy Setting”, you can set the site privacy to either private or public based on your requirements.
    sharepoint online change from private to public
  • Hit the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to commit your changes.

This sets the privacy of the associated Office 365 group (it takes a while, though!). To change Office 365 privacy from private to public or vice-versa, use: How to Change Office 365 Group Privacy from Private to Public using PowerShell?

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  • need a script to list out private and public sites in tenant.


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